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Insulin Pen Needles


The IME-FINE Pen Needles are used in combination with an insulin pen for subcutaneous insulin injection.

Suitable for all common insulin pens

  • Autopen
  • Berlipen
  • Flexpen
  • Humapen Luxura
  • KwikPen
  • Novopen
  • Omnican Pen
  • OptiClik
  • Solostar
  • YpsoPen Twist
If your insulin pen is not listed, please contact us to check the compatibility.

"Soft feel"-Cut

for a soft insertion

Silicone Coating

for a gentle slide into the skin

"Thin Wall"-Technology

for a maximum insulin flow due to an increased inside diameter

Available Sizes

IME-Fine 8mm
IME-Fine 8mm
IME-Fine 8mm
IME-Fine 8mm
IME-Fine 8mm

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